Building brand loyalty and expanding market share through digital banking
Increasing Market Share and Customer Loyalty Through IT Innovations
Expanding the audience through banking digital channels with smart digital tools: bespoke offerings, robo-advising, and gamification.

Building Long-term Relationships with Consumers Through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Deeper understanding of consumer needs. Forecast of consumer buying behaviour based on the analysis of financial flows and itemised receipts.
Forecasting and generating demand, personalised adjustment of timely and relevant offers, stimulating the purchase decision-making process.

Market Insights and Tools for Cashback-fraud Prevention

Price cross-sectioning against retail chains for strategic pricing.
Reviewing consumers' feedback against new product launches to adjust the promotion strategy.
Preventing cashback duplication due to repeated receipt uploads by transaction verification.

Cashback per Item for the Banks' Customers

Interacting with consumers on the banking platforms

Our Audience

Bank customers — an economically active, 100% identified audience that could be easily segmented against socio-demographic as well as customer-related criteria. We have been working closely with thirty banks worldwide with a total audience of more than ten million people.

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